Tent repair

If you believe your product has failed, please return it to me in a clean and dry condition  and I will examine it. Repairs covered under guarantee will be carried out free of charge.

I also offer a full repairs service to cope with the damage that wear and tear and regular use can cause. I will examine the damage and send you a quote for the necessary repairs.

  • Please allow 3 working days for inspection and quotation.
  • With your quote I will indicate how long your repair will take, this will vary depending on the work required and the time of year, however I endeavour to return your repaired tent to you within 14 working days of receiving your go ahead.
  • Please note that not all damage can be repaired.
  • Please allow plenty of time for your repair to be carried out before you need to use your product again. If you require an item repairing urgently (i.e. returned within two working weeks), please get in touch through my contacts form.