All parts of the tent which are heavily stressed such as corners, tie-outs and apexes have been strengthened with an extra layer of silnylon or thicker nylon.
Silnylon reinforcements are also cut in the same orientation as the panel it attaches to
so that the reinforcement stretches with the tent fabric.

Silnylon reinforcement with webbing tie-out sewn to 6 layers of folded fabric.
Front zip corner reinforcement made from thicker nylon for additional wear


Interior pole support

All my tents can be supported using trekking poles or tent poles.
The interior pole support for the Hawksmoor uses a thick webbing and nylon sleeve with velcro fasteners to keep the pole in place.

Normal sized trekking pole inserted into sleeve.
Trekking pole inserted into sleeve and held by velcro strap







Apex guy attachments

Where the tent pole support is exterior to the tent, the guy attachment is securely
fixed using nylon webbing sewn into the ridge seam.

Rear pole support and guy attachment for Hawksmoor