Travel far, travel light

My backpacking life began with a Robert Saunders tent in the 1970s and many years later and with a pair of dodgy knees, decided that I needed to make my own lightweight tents that would suit my needs. My background as a sculptor working with fabrics has given me the confidence to design and build my own shelters that are light, waterproof and strong.

Although the weight of my tents has always been an important part of the design, I use slightly more robust materials where necessary, such as tent floors.  I always use the highest quality fabrics, so that all fabrics are chosen on performance and quality. Never on the price.

I am happy to make changes to my products to suit your needs, such as solid inner  tent panels or even to make them longer. Just contact me and we can discuss what changes you would like.

I design and make the tents in my east London studio , whilst testing them in the Peak District, Lake District and Scotland throughout the year to produce a shelter that I am completely satisfied with.

I hope you will be too.

Mike Turner, founder, designer and maker.